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Benettonrace - Paris

Benettonrace - Milan

Benettonrace - Zurich

#Benettonrace is a photographic tour portraying people in order to create a city map through the faces of its passers-by, to underline the beauty of diversity present in each european city.

The shots directed towards image diversity and culture focus on the two pillars that Benetton prides its identity and fortune on. This pairing makes a comeback for a project coordinated by Fabrica 

A team of photographers set up two photoshoots in many windows of the main Benetton store in each city involved, and they will be inviting passers-by to come in and get photographed.

Photographers Oliviero Toscani, Settimio Benedusi, Federica Belli, Nicola Pianalto, Costanza Canali

Filmmaker Mattia Mura

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