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Il Nostro nome è Anna

What happens when Anne Frank's ideals clash with the daily life of our time? Anna is a 12-year-old girl who lives with her parents Roberto and Silvia. A visceral passion for Anne Frank's Diary has given her an extra edge: she sees the world with the innocence of a child and the depth of an adult. She still has her favorite toy, which she received as a child: a doll that closely resembles Anne Frank in every aspect and serves as her best confidante.


Year 2021

Language Italian Subtitles English Genre Drama, Fantasy Duration 24' 


Director & Editor Mattia Mura Vannuzzi Production Studio Emme & Helix Pictures Cast Ludovica Nasti, Adelmo Togliani, Serena Bilanceri, Claudio Mazzena, Licia Amendola Screenplay Cristiana Bertolotti, Mattia Mura Vannuzzi, Federica Pannocchia Line Producers Gianluca & Marco Bertogna Production Manager Ottavio Mura Director of Photography Stefano Giacomuzzi Costume Designer Cristina Da Rold Original Music Alberto Martino Sound Designer Alessandro La Spina, Enea Bardi Mixing Loft Recording Studio

- Screened at Rai Cinema website, Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and available on Amazon Prime

- Screened live for thousands of students trough italy with the support of Un Ponte per Anne Frank Association

- Winner of 8 international awards and selected in more than 16 International Festival. Select list available on

- Winner of Best Director at Screen Power Film Festival, Uk 2021

- Winner at the Zero+ International Film Festival as Best Short Film and Special Mention in the Children's Jury for its importance on the theme of equality in Tyumen, Siberia, 2021


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