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Monsters look like us


One of the darkest aspects of contemporary society: the abuse of power. Starting from the creation of a theatrical show on the theme inspired by a series of Italian news events, the documentary focuses on the possibility of using the theater as a tool for building awareness and critical sense. The reflection crosses the role of media information, the relationship between victim and perpetrator, between oppressed and oppressor, up to addressing a broader reflection on the social system in which we live. The journey inside the show and the perceptions of its participants also offers a cross-section of the condition of independent theater in Italy, and of new methodologies of approach for the dissemination of social issues.

Year 2022 

Language Italian Subtitles English

Director & Editor Mattia Mura Vannuzzi With Chiara Migliorini English Translation Sara Marotta 

-  1st Runner Up - Best Film at CMCS Wall of Fame Festival, Lisbon, Portugal 2023

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