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Debating Xenia

The ancient populations of Indo-European origin had hospitality as a principle of their civic sense.


The best-known guest archetype is Ulysses' character. In Homer's poem, he returns home due to respect for foreigners. The Greek “xenìa” was a behavioral code that was even derived from the gods and therefore sacred. Subsequently filtered in Roman culture through the story of Aeneas, the language of acceptance has faded in contemporary society. The primary aim of the project is to research the attitudes of the semantic area of hospitality. How is it welcomed and how it was welcomed in the four cultural contexts?


The documentary project is aimed to overcome prejudices on migrants, establish constructive dialogue among citizens of different ethnicities, "open doors" and to avoid barriers building, to understand the past in interpreting the present, to counter euro-skepticism and to increase solidarity in a crisis period not only economic but above all cultural.

Filmmaker Mattia Mura Music Giovanni Bottan 

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