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OFFICIAL SELECTION - 50 Ore Film Festiva

FEO. This short movie has been created during the "50 hours film Festival in SestoFiorentino - 2013". 9 different teams created one short movie from the beginning to the end in only 50 hours. The theme of the festival was "Serendipity, the art of discovering something by chance", inside the short movie we had to include one mathematic formula and one or more nervous tics. The short movie had to be less long than 10 minutes.


Year 2013 Language Italian Production HelixPictures & WhiteDummy Director Mattia Mura Director Assistant Tiziano Iadecola Cinematographer Lorenzo Rossano Music and Sound Andrea Marconi Editing Alessandro Loretucci With Alessandro Di Murro, Selene Capperucci

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