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Norimberga - In Memoriam
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This has been a school project in collaboration with the VB class of "E. Fermi" High School of Cecina, Tuscany. The whole project has been written and developed with the students. They wrote and developed the narrative with a deep historical research in advance. During the project Mattia Mura studied the attitude of each participants to give them the most suitable role as a technician or actor in the project. The project has been the first qualified to the Prize UCEI (Union of the Italian Jewish Communities) in Rome "Teenagers against racism and hebraic prejudices".


Year 2016 Language Italian Genre School Project, Historical, Symbolist Directed and Edited Mattia Mura Supervision and Production Ebe Serni Cast Giada Regoli, Francesco Gagliardi, Gabriele Sottile, Tommaso Szalai, Marino Lotti, Cristiano Cammelletti, Gabriele Mignini, Giulio Spinnato Sound Andrea Marconi Staff Alice Antonelli, Rachele Caroti, Elisa D'Addetta, Lisa Del Gamba, Gian Luca Graziani, Martina Ingenito, Elena Lipari, Alessia Niotta, Dario Peccianti, Yasmine Posillipo, Giacomo Ronchetti, Greta Vagelli

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