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Video Installation

In 2016 Mattia Mura realized three video installation for Labirinto Festival, a performing art festival in Rome.

Stone Flight 260

The war is cyclical, self-perpetuating, is brutal, hidden, confused, war is an institution, an emulation of an aeternal idea of war that is outside of time, but that is enriched with new shades after every real war. 

Stone Flight 260 tries to tell in a narrative game that develops, defines and analyzes these concepts through symbols.

With Antonio Carboni Text Dario Cassanmagnago Special Thanks Ottavio Mura, Marco Vannuzzi

blankcry - dedicated to PPP

Since November 1975 Pasolini is a corpse on which the noise of tittle-tattle and the silence of the State have placed a veil of stone. A blank scream prepares a terrible moment of despair for 40 minutes, as well as after 40 years the anniversary of the death of PPP called us to remind that poets should shed soul in the words, not the blood on the streets.
Blanckry is a video installation by Mattia Mura presented in Festival Volterra Teatro 2015, hoping that the silent and infinite scream of Anna Magnani can be interrupted with the truth.

Sinestesia Disarmonica Nr.1

Sinestesia Disarmonica No.1 is a visual experiment that was inspired by the research of the relationship between sound and color done since the dawn of humanity. The experiment focuses on a disharmonious use of music, cutting out the research every relationship between harmony and color to focus exclusively on the notes, following the theories developed by the composer Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin during his life, such as to lead to the creation of a symphony designed for light and orchestra, entitled Prometheus - poem of fire, performed for the first time in 1911. The research path between notes and colors generates unexpected effects in contemplation, and demonstrates a form of consistency only in the communion between notes and colors. In this first experiment, the research focuses on speed to find that flower submerged enclosing the unity behind the multiplicity, leaving space for an entire garden yet to be discovered.

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