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Voci da Contamina

Contamina is a performing arts festival that took place in Piombino, Tuscany, during the strange summer of 2020, a low-tide summer between the two waves that upset the world we knew. The festival was one of the first moments of meeting, nationally, between artists, the public and institutions after the lockdown. The documentary, directed by Mattia Mura, recounts the days of the festival and collects the reflections of those who were part of it, with contributions from artists on the national scene such as Francesca Della Monica, Claudio Collovà, Teatro in the leaves, the Omini, Agita Teatro and the music by Melody Laughters. It is an important testimony for the independent entertainment world, to allow it to exist, evolving, transforming and inserting itself into new spaces and new uses. Not to let it die.

With Chiara Migliorini, Francesca Della Monica, Claudio Collovà Music Melody Laughters Graphic Designer Fernando Giobbi
Art Supervisor Lotus Associazione Culturale 

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